How To Record WhatsApp Calls in Android

how to record whatsapp calls

Social Giant WhatsApp Provides its users in-app calling feature. I am sure that you at least try it once. If you use WhatsApp Voice calling feature. We use this feature to call our friends and family. If you are using this feature then I think this question once came in your mind that “can we record WhatsApp Calls ?” and the answer is “Yes”. You can record your WhatsApp calls with the help of these simple steps. So let’s start talking about.

  • First of all, Head to the Play store and Install the app called “Cube Call Recorder”.
  • Now go to your WhatsApp and make a call.
  • Now on the calling screen, you can see a widget “Cube Call”. Your call is being recorded.
  • If the widget is not showing on the call screen then you need to go to the Cube Call Recorder app settings and then Click on “Force VoIP”. Now it will record your WhatsApp Calls for you.

Note: It is illegal to record a call without other people’s consent. so always let people know that the call is being recorded.

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