Here’s Most Useful and Easy To Use MS Excel Formulas

Most useful and easy to use MS Excel Formulas

If you are new to Microsoft Excel. That means you are going to learn Excel or going to learn this spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft. We can use Functions and Formulas in MS Excel to Easy our work. If you are a beginner in MS Excel world and want to learn it in an easy way. The key part of MS Excel is Formulas. You can use Excel formulas to save your lots of time and effort. Here are most useful and easy to learn Microsoft Excel formulas that you should learn first.


In my opinion, this Excel formula is the simplest formula in MS Excel. With the help of this formula, you can add multiple numbers in Excel. Mostly this formula uses to get the “Total” value of your data. Here is how you can use this formula –

You need to empty cell and type “=SUM(num1,num2,num3,…)”. you can also select a specific range to do Total. To use a specific data range type “=SUM(A1:A10)” or select the range by select the initial value and final value by mouse.


The SUM IF formula is one of the most important formulas in MS Excel. This MS Excel formula lets you SUM the items within the criteria that means if you want to SUM the data that meets your condition or your criteria. Let’s take an example, Imagine you have a data entries of various people with the amount and you want to SUM a particular person’s amount then you can use the SUMIF formula to do the work for you.

To use this formula you need to select a cell then enter the formula like “=SUMIF(range, criteria, Sum_range)”. range belongs to the data range. criteria belongs to the specific condition or the specific criteria that you want to select and the Sum_range is the range of numbers to do SUM.


This MS Excel formula is one of the most used MS Excel formulas. With the help of VLOOKUP formula, you can lookup for values in Tables or data range based on given criteria. Let’s take an example, imagine you have the data table of your employees and their employee ID no. so with the help of this VLOOKUP formula you can easily lookup for data.

To use this formula you need to select a cell and type the formula “=VLOOKUP(lookup_value, Table_array, Col_index_no, Range_lookup). look value is the criteria of lookup and table array is the data range, col_index_no is the column no in the table and range lookup is for Approximate match or Exact match.


The Microsoft Excel “IF” Formula is one of my favorite formulas in MS Excel. This is a versatile formula. IF formula is a logical formula which shows different commands when given conditions met or not. Let’s take an example, you have a data of students and the marks they got in their exams so with the help of IF formula you can display the message Pass or Fail whether the student got passing marks or not.

Here is how you can use this. To use this formula select a cell and type the formula “=IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])


This MS Excel formula let you count the number of items in a data range based on given criteria. COUNTIF formula is easy to use and one of the most useful MS Excel formulas for beginners as well as Experts. with the help of this formula, you can easily count things in a data range on the basis of your given criteria.


This formula is like VLOOKUP formula but it is more advanced form VLOOKUP formula. you can use this MS Excel formula to lookup values in the data range even when you don’t have an idea about column index number and row index number.

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