PUBG Mobile New Update: Here Are All the new features

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.12

One of the Most popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile is preparing to get a new update. The new update PUBG Mobile 0.12 release date has been confirmed by Company. According to the company’s statement, the update will out next week. The expected features in the new update may include Darkest Night Mode, Spectator Mode, and a new version of Survival Till Dawn. So let’s take a look to the new additions to the game.

Survival Till Dawn 2.0:

The game introduced Survival Till Dawn Recently but this new update will make this more interesting. In Survival Till Dawn 2.0 some zombies will able to climb low walls as well as on the roof also.

Darkest Night Mode:

This event mode in PUBG Mobile differs from Survival Till Dawn event. In this event, mode player can go Solo or with team up with his friends to fight with hordes of zombies. In the Darkest Night Mode the air outside will be toxic so players cannot go outside to fight zombies.

Spectator Mode and Crosshair Modifications:

With the new PUBG Mobile 0.12 update, Players can also able to watch their friends matches as well as crew’s and clan member’s matches. Additionally, players will able to change colours of red dot, holographic, 2x scope and 3x scopes.

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