Now You Can able to Follow 400 Accounts In a day On Twitter


Popular platform Twitter has taken a step to stop spamming on its platform. Twitter has reduced the following limit to 400 follow per day from 1000 follow per day. It means a user on Twitter now can only follow 400 accounts a day on Twitter.

This step has taken to combat spammers and bots. Spammers and bots do follow and unfollow in massive numbers of account in a short time. Bots are software programs that automatically follows the bulk amount of accounts to get the follow back.

So after following 400 accounts a day, the person will see a message that he/she won’t be able to follow any more accounts on that day. He/she need to wait for 24 hours to follow more accounts. In my opinion, this a good step has been taken by the company to combat spammers and bots.

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